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MWW’s dedicated team providing assistance in the area of Industry, Construction, and Infrastructure supports all participants of investment projects related to the manufacture of industrial installations, infrastructure facilities, and other structures – from owners, investors, developers, through design companies, general contractors and constructors, financing banks, to insurers.

Investment projects in industry, infrastructure, and construction are considerably complex, not only due to the technical dimension of the projects, but also (or perhaps above all) because of the involvement of huge financial resources and many parties with divergent needs and legal and economic conditions. In such a setup, the role of a legal adviser is not limited to providing pure legal assistance.

The role of a legal advisor – which MWW understands well and successfully implements – Is also to provide the client with an opportunity to benefit from business experience, knowledge of the market and strategy, and the ability to combine all these into one effective negotiation mechanism.

MWW is mindful of the needs of its clients, seeking to understand a business need in order to tailor the most efficient legal mechanisms to meet it.

The market for industrial, construction, and infrastructure investments is heterogeneous and based on and involving legal norms and mechanisms of generally applicable law (from common civil law norms, through public and administrative law to environmental standards or those related to the protection of cultural values). What is more, it draws on experience and industry achievements, customary norms, construction standards, trade union regulations and national benchmarks and standards. MWW’s tam for construction and infrastructure provides our clients with interdisciplinary experience and knowledge built on all these legal and non-legal dimensions.

We advise on projects related to the construction of new power units and other energy sources, refinery installations, facilities and infrastructure for the oil and gas extraction sector, roads, transmission networks, housing and more.

Should you have any questions or think if we can help you select the best solution, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated specialists at MWW.

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